Water Camera

cheapest way - the gzone phone
I have a Pentax WPI which works perfect for me. It cost about four hundred bucks, I paid for it out of overtime I had to work on account of something Cheney wanted implemented which I hope Congress continues to keep trying to kill. In my case, I have to go under it as long as I’m in a “professional series”

Cheapest way though is to get one of those waterproof cell phones, sometimes Verizon has them marked down to $59.00. They really are waterproof! The phone doesn’t have any data storage card, so you have to mail the pictures to yourself. A drawback. Great phone for kayaking with - I paddle alone and consider this phone a safety feature.

The Pentax WPI is not so easy to use under bright sunshine, it helps to wear a hat.

$400 for Pentax Optio ?!
Perhaps, it was possible to buy Pentax Optio WPi for $400. I bought my WP and WP10 much cheaper. Nowdays, you can buy Optio W30 for $220 with free shipping from amazon (http://www.amazon.com/exec/obidos/ASIN/B000LXZYKW/marekuliasz) and it is before rebate.

Go to Sea-Life web site. They make waterproof cameras. Read a review of a new water-proof digital in the DEC. Seakayaker mag. Vaughn Fulton

Don’t forget to add a float
Maybe this is obvious but I attached a float to my Optio WP. It’s one of those things they make for keys but has anough bouyancy for the camera too. I tested it in shallower water and you should too as a smaller one might not work. I don’t have to worry that someone will miss when I toss it to them to take a picture of ME. The kids love to use it to take underwater pics of each other & with the float, I don’t worry about having it lost at sea.

Aqua Pak cases
I have found the Aquapack cases to be waterproof and easy to use, and not too expensive. I’ve used the DSL case, and it worked fine, and kept our camera dry. I use one for my cell phone, and it keeps the phone dry despite numerous dunkings. Various sizes are available.

The cases are made of a vinyl material, with a gasket that closes with clips. There is a plastic lens that you shoot your photos through. I didn’t see any disportion from the extra layers, (but I am a casual photographer).

You can order them on Topkayaker.net.

GoPro Hero 3
I’ve been loving my “GoPro Hero 3” camera. You can mount it to just about anything, it takes almost an hour of continuous video with two AAA batteries, and a 2G SD card, has a very tough waterproof case, is super small, and it floats. I’ve been taking them (I have two) out on lots of trips, and have attached them to the bows and sterns of friends’ boats as well. Plus, they’re only $139. I use mine all the time. Hearty little buggers!

Here are just a few of the videos I’ve shot:






GoPro Hero 3
Here’s one more:


I just got back from florida
and took a bunch of pictures with my Olympus 790 SW. I didn’t get it wet, but the pictures came out fine. The LCD worked well, once you get used to it. I bought a 1 Gig card and took over 150 stills and videos, and it said I had room for 400 more! The battery lasted for over 100 shots, and when it started to show it was low, I recharged it. I chose it over the Pentax because I read so many bad reviews, mostly about the LCD screen filling with water and the bad customer service. When I take it swimming, I’ll report again.

Pentax Optio W30
Had two Pentax Optio W30s and they make fine fish sinkers. Hunk of junk IMHO.

piece of junk
3 pictures from fall (September, October, November) paddling on my local pond

shot with an even older piece of junk than W30, Pentax Optio W10:



what do the still pictures look like with this camera?

sample pictures
If you are shopping for a new camera you would like to see some sample pictures shot with the particular camera model. You may be entering an unknown territory like these compact waterproof cameras. Are they any good? Is it possible to compose a decent picture without a viewfinder? Some sample photographs can help to answer such questions.

Here are some suggestions where to find sample pictures from a camera you are interested in:


Pentax Optio W30 in interval mode ?
I am shooting with Pentax Optio W10 often mounted on a kayak deck for video or pictures in an interval mode, e.g.,


In the interval mode I can get full resolution pictures or whatever I choose. I wonder if the interval mode works the same way in the W30 model.

I’ve heard that the picture resolution in the W30 interval mode is reduced to the video resolution, i.e, 640x480, and that the pictures are converted to a video. Could you confirm this?

GoPro Hero 3 movies from outrigger …
canoe paddling and racing in Australia (Rambos Locker):


Also, a short sample clip without any compression to judge video quality from that camera.