Water levels across USA

Anyone link fanciful predictions?

Actually they aren’t wildly off over a 30 day span.

Sandy River, Oregon
Have been walking down the middle of the Sandy River, last mile before Columbia River confluence, near Portland, Oregon for the last month.

Easy ‘clean’ sand. Too low for paddling. Never seen it this low.

Feels peculiar to walk it, but fun. Using my hydroskin socks and Keen Gorge kayaking boots. Good adventure and exercise for my Newf. Land trails too dusty, everything parched tinder dry. Extreme fire danger.

No coastal rain forest effect ?
Weather systems seem to be changing lately

don’t confuse weather and climate
Levels are low this year, but two years ago they were up.

One interesting thing is that the great lakes recharge cycles have actually changed but the volumes are relatively unchanged. But as you know the great lakes don’t affect inland river and lake levels, that’s due to the summer drought. And we’ve had these before.

Thing seem to even out over the long run when it comes to precip. Right now we’re getting our payback. Last summer we had two 100-year storm events within two weeks!

I am betting on a snowy and rainy winter here.

Move a dam or two or three
One way to change water levels :

make the ancient archaic dams of yesteryear go away

Shiawassee River near Durand, Michigan