Water Sandals/ Shoes

I second the Salomons
I’ve tried a bunch of sandals and hated them. The open toe sandals nearly resulted in broken toes on one trip. The Keens are nice as they have toe protection but I’ve found that they have traction issues on steep scrambles.

The Salomons, however, are nice multi-taskers, other than they do tend to become a touch aromatic :slight_smile:

Chota Quetico Trekkers
I’ve had a pair for several years, and they’ve held up. I use them with the neoprene booties or wool socks, depending on the temps. They’re sturdy and keep the stones, gravel and such out; plus, the flies can’t bite my feet/ankles like they do if I wear sandals…


Merrell WaterPro Manistee

I love these! Used to wear regular worn out nike’s. These are like mountain goat feet. No slipping on slimy rocks water drains quickly. Best shoes ever.

NRS Kickers
If you deal with big, smooth, slick rocks, the felt soled version helps there too.

I got a pair of Keens this spring and they are great. They even have a toe reinforcement just in case you kick a rock. They even look good enough that I wear them around from time to time when I’m lazy and don’t feel like tying my shoes.

Thanks for all the replies!
Thanks all…I ended up buying a pair of Keens…link below…


right move.
Ryan L.

NRS Desperado
I’ve had them now for 3 years, over all sorts of terrain, rocks, sand, concrete, not the most solid bottom, but not too soft either

I reviewed a couple of shoes
Mostly I like Crocs. Surprised paddling.net doesn’t sell gear directly.

My Reviews are here: