waterproof cell phone for Verizon?

Sound quality
Some of my paddling friends have waterproof cell phones,and their voice transmissions are hard to understand. They also say that the receieved calls are not real clear.I was also warned about this at a Verizon store.Don’t know if all are like this,but you may want to try one first.


Dunkable and waterproof are far from the same thing. I would never ever tell someone that that phone was waterproof. Their dunk test was done with the phone off and given time to dry off before powering on. The phone may survive some splashing, but you cannot push any of the buttons while it is in water as that compromises the waterproof seal.

Their marketing is pretty classic wordsmithing to make it sound like it does something but being very careful to not cover up the fact that it won’t.

You can have the same problems…
…with submersible VHF radios when they get wet, but the solution is simple; you blow the water out of the speaker and the microphone port. If you use it in salt water, rinse it after every use, then blow the water out. Perhaps the phones have other issues, but you can certainly try this to see if it helps.

Not wet
These phones wern’t wet,they were calls while on the road. The Verizon person said it was because of the waterproofing diaphrams. I use a waterproof pouch.


I’ve been using the Aquapac waterproof cases for several years. I take my cell phone every time I paddle. I can receive calls through the case. I haven’t had a leak yet.

Another vote for an Aquapac
I put my iPhone in an Aquapac and I’m still able to use the touchscreen with it in the Aquapac. It’s really nice being able to use the iPhone’s GPS with Google maps.

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