Ways to juryrig broken plastic fender on kayak trailer?

The tape looks trashy but the fenders are now on there more solidly than they were when new and uncracked but untaped. They did not budge on the longish highway drive, which includes a lot of 65-70 mph road.

My fender in my K1000 load rite has just begun to crack now…its from the vibration…these things should be mounted on some kind of pliable urethane or epdm rubber shock mount instead of firmly attached to the metal.

I think I might seriously file a report with the NTSA…seeing as failure is so common.

UV kills cheap plastic fenders in short order.

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Guy came to cover / shrink-wrap my boat trailer was ten years old. Stepped on fenders they all cracked. Never said a word just left. I understand it happens but say something. Like my older vehicles plastic breaks so dealer just leaves it busted till I find it. Give me the option to replace, patch, or say F it. Go to take it for storage fenders are wrecked. I could of had new ones ordered and done before the trip.

Later followup:

The taped fenders still feel solid and haven’t flexed, flopped, flapped, or rubbed on anything. Trashy looks with perfect function. The new fenders, which were ridiculously expensive, are still in their package, just in case. But no point in removing what is working great.