Weight shifting & solo sit & switch

amount of heel is what matters too

– Last Updated: Jul-24-05 4:16 AM EST –

seems to me that there is some confusion, because some assume that
heel is always extreme?
A lot of the effects that happen when we heel a canoe depends on the
amount of heel. Different amounts of heels may produce different
results. If you heel the canoe a _little_bit, many designs will have
a tendency to turn to the opposite side (heeling right for a turn to
the left and vice versa).
I heel my straight keeled solo canoe a _little_bit_ to my offside,
to help me going straight.
I also heel my canoes a _little_bit_ to windward, to counteract the
weather helm effect (turning into the wind) of a side wind.
if you heel the canoe (very) much, many designs will get the
tendency to turn to the direction of the heel. (Heeling right to turn to the right.) Especially for tandem
canoes that are to be paddled solo with an extreme heel,
(what some call 'canadian style'?), this is very nice, of course,
because this can actually help you going straight.

Just experiment with how your canoe behaves,
and use that outcome to your advantage.
It is as simple as that?

You described it nicely Dirk. Thanks.