Werner Ikelos – Paddle Length Question

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get the paddle length that allows you to submerge the whole blade to the thwart SO THAT AT THE END OF THE CATCH PHASE THE PADDLE IF VERTICAL. If the shaft is too short you will not only shorten the power phase but not be able to utilize your large torso muscles as effectively.

Dr. D

Don’t have too long a shaft either, ESPECIALLY if your paddle blade is too large for you ALREADY, as now you will end the catch phase prematurely with the paddle too far in front of you, and at a shallow angle which only serves to push water DOWNWARD and the boat SKYWARD. Not good. Make sure to NOT get a blade too large for you to execute a full powered complete power phase stroke at a high enough TEMPO that does not strain you in wind and waves.

When combine our answers you get no strain maximum gain from each stroke. And this then allows you to drop down when more tired or long passage or high winds and waves and have enough shaft length to not overly stretch to submerge the paddle now when using the shallower angle stroke.

"whether you really want an Ikelos"
chopups poses a good question.

Why do you want an Ikelos? Many prefer the Cyprus blade. The Ikelos is a VERY big blade.

For a powerful touring blade, I an partial to the Epic Active Tour - which Leon Somme says inspired the Ikelos.

werner paddle
check out the onno paddles with adjustable length lock

I’m 5’9" with a 30" inseam and my
boat has a 22" beam and I use a 210 cm. bent shaft Ikelos.

tempo tempo tempo
The size of the blade is not just determined by your strength but also by the tempo that is best for you and the conditions you will be in most of the time you paddle.

An analogy is cycling. For years racers and tourists alike peddled between 60 to 80 rpm. Then scientific studies showed that 90-105 rpm was not only better for endurance, recovery, and injury prevention, but was amazingly MORE POWERFUL. Totally counter-intuitive.

This has its equivalence in paddling tempo or SPM. Use the lightest paddle with the highest efficiency blade that you can paddle at a high tempo not the slowest tempo with the largest blade.

Although paddlers differ in comfort and style preferences, all paddlers can profit from less injuries, more power and more endurance by training themselves to be comfortable with a higher tempo smaller blade.

Make sure that if you go to a somewhat larger blade you can still keep up the high tempo in waves and headwind. This is actually where you need the high tempo the MOST.

I sometimes wonder if the initial appeal of Greenland paddles is that they have somewhat less surface area (most not all) and thus encourage higher tempo.

For me

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Ben wanted me to spread my hands a little more..

The shaft on my Werner is a bit longer than the Lendal.. also not sure the difference between 215 and 210 would be very significant.. just think the 210 could have a slight advantage for high angle stroke..

My strokes refinement class was with several other instructors.. and an inch on each side wouldn't have made any difference..

anyway nice to learn the 215 is just about right

I'm also going to give the Epic a try now that you mention it.. The Ikelos can be a bit too large and the Cypress seems too small.. love the grip on the Werner though.. and like the Ikelos for over head conditions and currents etc..

Why I think I want an Ikelos…
Just bought a new boat (chatham 18). Other boat is an Epic 18X. I currently own two other paddles (Onno Wing and AT Exception XL). The Onno Wing works great with the 18X. The AT Execption Blade is a little slimmer than I like and I feel the length I purchased (225 cm) is a little long. If anyone is interested in purchasing it, please email me.

I’m interested in getting another paddle to use primarily on my Chatham that is not a wing but has some bite to it. I was thinking that the Ikelos may fit my requirements.

I already…
have an Onno wing with the adjustable latch. I like Pat’s blades but I was looking for a different kind of paddle to do short trips with.