Wetsuit and underwear

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Hydroskin is not the same.
Hydroskin in water temps below 60 for any length of tme is not going to keep you warm. By wetsuit most people mean at least 3/2 neoprene full suit.

fuzzy rubber
I was assisting an instructors course where the water was 48degrees. Nearly everyone was wearing 3mm wetsuits with one or two drysuits. I thought one woman had fuzzy rubber over hyroskin,turns out she was wearing just fuzzy rubber. Brrrr…you’re right, Hydroskin is minimal stuff.

Fuzzy rubber as immersion wear
I have 2 Farmer Janes in Polartec’s version of fuzzy rubber. The tag said they were as warm as 2- to 3-mm neoprene. They are, as long as you’re NOT in the water!

In the water, they just let too much water flow through. Not stretchy/tight enough. I don’t think they’re as thick when wet, either. The inner fleecy stuff gets compressed, unlike neoprene.

They are fantastic as wind barriers and rainwear but not for actually being in/under water.

If you had 3mm neoprene with a fuzzy lining laminated to it, that would be different. I like the soft lining in the chest section of my full wetsuit.

Hydroskin & Fuzzy Rubber Marketing Is

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crock! No way they are equivilent to 2.5/3 mm neo. My 2 mil neo shorty suit is warmer than hydroskin or fuzzy rubber and COST WAY LESS! Hydroskin and Fuzzy rubber should be considered underlayer and NOT immersion wear.

Farmer John/janes are also BS as wetsuits. They are neo "paddling (splash) wear."

Of course, I say the above as a year-round northeast surf paddler. Location and venue make a difference in how I look at wetsuits.


OK for Spring and Fall in So California
Hydroskin works OK for water temps in the low 60s. I use a farmer john most the time when I am seakayaking. I wear a hydroskin top for cool summer mornings too.

Ut Oh, hydro is not poly? Can’t use it.

wear extra over the wet suit
My wet suit is coldest when I am not in the water (most of the time) I find that layers over it work best for me.

Is about the same. Pretty much useless.

My husband…
puts a t-shirt & undies on under his wetsuit. It’s pretty tight to where on a nickel, you can see the hair on the buffalo:)

Talk about smelly neophrene, don’t go near my kayaking footwear. I hose them down after useage, but alas, they are still a bit stinky. I think I’ll put them in the wash occasionally to make them smell better.


the stink IMO comes from damp wetsuits not being allowed to thorougly dry. I second pika’s response.

Besides, I’m usually as fresh as a strawberry.

stop ruining my fantasies
(some of you)

I will somewhat retract what I said then! The stink is really the scent of peonies on a sunny summer day:)


Wet Suit
If you wear underwear under your wetsuit it takes the fun out of peeing in your wetsuit. Live a little! VF