Wetsuit vs. Drysuit vs. Semi (newer gear)

I just ordered the swift entry 3.0. It’s actually only 620 or 570 without socks and relief zipper.

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Let me know how it is. We are taking our Crewsaver Atacamas swimming this weekend to test them out, I believe. A buddy got one as well.

Will do!

Get the suit WITH the socks ! I’ve made this mistake and as soon as the inevitable time comes to step/wade into water your footwear and bottom of pants with fill with water. You want the Drysuit not a Semi drysuit .

Strongly recommend suits with both socks and relief zipper.

Paddling in the cold with wet feet is no fun, either in the boat or on the beach. Nor is stripping off a drysuit on a cold windy beach just to pee.

Keep in mind that a drysuit will last for many, many years if cared for properly. A lifetime with some of Kokatat’s drysuits with the lifetime warranty. That extra money spent up front will soon seem insignificant when looking at the benefits.

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My semi drysuit has socks, is one piece, just has a neoprene neck not a latex one. What some people think of as a semi drysuit is just splash wear top and pants, which will not keep you dry immersion.

My Kokatat semi drysuit is suitable for all but rolling and heavy surf or whitewater. Since I’m in a canoe or surfski, having a latex neck is not needed.

Thanks. I did order the one with socks. I just wanted to post the prices.