What are the Fastest Sit-On-Top Kayaks?

Sprinter action shots


Cobra Tourer & Expedition
The Tourer’s 15’ and relatively narrow for a SOT (28"). The Expedition is 18’, 23.5" and much more user-friendly than the Eliminator.



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RTM Disco
I have one and am still not convinced it can handle the way its supposed to with a 215# paddler. Good news is I lost 20# and going to give it another shot…

Its a really nice, very inexpensive boat for a smaller paddler, no doubt!

Seadart, That May Be The Best Advice Yet
Some years ago, I became obsessed with finding the fastest SOT out there. I spent several years, and several thousands of dollars, collecting boats. I collected the Shearwater 18, the Nomad 16, the Seda Revenge, and the RTM Disco.

I have a fleet of 8 boats, but the truth is I have regressed to paddling my little 13’ Mars pretty much exclusively. The only other boat that gets any play at all is my '9 Frenzy. I throw it in the back of the van and go play at the beach.

When I was single, I used to paddle with groups, but now I just paddle with family and/or TsuanamiChuck. I keep up with the family just fine, and I am not going to keep up with Chuck no matter what I paddle. He just practices his roll while I catch up.

Fastest sit on top ever
The ZONE by Current design I heard is the fastest SOT

What are your opinions as I want the fastet SOT there is!!

Thank you darlene

fast SOT
Stealth kayaks are fast and light for a fishing SOT, with the Kaskazi Dorados and marlins keeping a very close second. The Tapon 160 is good for a plastic boat

Fastest fishing sot kayak
Is the eddy line carribean a good fast fishing kayak

Kayaks are a classic fishing vessel, but if you’ve ever used one, you know they’re not exactly fast. That’s why Oru Kayaks chose to name their new line of fast-as-can-be watercraft after the Hawaiian word for “fast”.