What canoe do you fish from?

Same waters as Wayne, more or less…
My first canoe was a Grumman 15 footer…got it when I was in high school. Still have it. Used it for 15 years, until I wore the bottom so thin from dragging it over rocks and gravel on shallow Ozark streams that it was aluminum foil in places.

Bought a Sawyer fiberglass canoe (can’t remember the model) to replace it. Used it for several years, until I dropped it off the cartop carrier at 60 MPH and tore a nice hole in it. Fixed the hole, sold it. About that time, my wife and I decided it was better for our marriage if we paddled solo, so I got her an Old Town Pack and then bought a Penobscot 16 for a tandem that I could paddle solo. She didn’t like the Pack…too hard to keep it going straight. I got her a double-bladed paddle. She liked that a little better, but still didn’t like the canoe. I really liked it. So I got her an Oscoda Coda fiberglass solo, much better tracking, she loved it.

That was about 15 years ago. I am now on my second Penobscot, though the first one is still on the racks for friends and family. I finally got rid of the Pack, bought a Wenonah Sandpiper. Liked it about as much as the Pack. But then I paddled the Wenonah Vagabond. Liked it much better than the Sandpiper, so sold the Sandpiper and bought one. Still have the Coda for rivers with long, dead pools that I want to paddle through to fish the next good run. But the Vagabond gets most of my solo fishing use.

RS.com comes to paddlin.net

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I knew I'd find you guys somewhere. Just can't keep away from it can we??? For those who do not know. The board on www.riversmallies.com is down for a few weeks and all the smallie junkies are having a problem finding a computer fix.Here is a link to the canoe I use. It is cheap, rugged, hold 3 people, is 42inches wide and 2 can stand at once. It paddles like a barge when loaded down. It tracks poorly when solo. But if you are going to have 2 people in a canoe that are inexperienced or really feel the need to satnd up alot, this is the boat for you. It is heavy at 90lb, but I'd rather have a heavy small boat than a light long boat. Glad to see familiar faces here, but we may be temporary. Man I wish they would get it back up...

Although I’ve been an off and on visitor to paddling.net for quite a while. Have you found the RS crowd anywhere else in particular, TK?

Texaskelly is a smallmouth fishing guide par excellance (or however those frenchies spell it) down in Texas, for those of you who don’t know. TK, I’m still thinking about getting down there to fish with you sometime, but we’re in the middle of remodeling our house and looks like it will last until at least Christmas…I think my fishing is going to be a bit curtailed.

Thanks AL

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Hope to see you down in march/ april.

canoe fishing
I have had a few different canoes in my 30 years of canoeing. I have also fished from all of them. I had a Grunnium alum (to noisey),Great Canadian 13 foot glass ( flat bottomed,could stand up in it,quite slow),Stowe canoe the rivers edge(all around bad boat for fishing,tippy,oilcanne bad),Old Town 16 9 (great for stabilty,tuff as nails,Heavy).Now I have a Nova craft Prospector 16 in royarexlite,59 lbs. It will hold everything I want to bring,real tuff,Handles great,and is the canoe I always wanted.The rawhide laced seats are the most comfortable I have been in, and that is very important for a full day on the water.

Paddling first, Fishing second w/ me.
What kind of canoe do you fish from?

Kruger Sea Wind, Bell WildFire, Souris River Quetico 16, and what ever else I happen to be in.

Why that model?

Fishing is an opportunity and convienance thing for me, not a prime objective. These are the boats I have, love, comfortable in, etc

What model would you really like to have?

Kruger Cruiser, Bell Merlin II, and about a dozen others.

Do you stand up and pole or cast (without assistance from outriggers)?

Yes, yes, and yes in all of them. I also retrieve lures fron trees standing up in fairly swift river current (ie Manistee River in MI). My outriggers have never been on one of my boats. Before I had the outriggers I did borrow a set fron a friend to sail with. Worked great.

I’ll add another
I picked up an Old Town Pack a couple of months ago. Like the canoe alot as it is so light and easy to portage. During the winter months I solo alot so the Pack gets wet more than any of my other boats. Big enough to hold all my fishing and paddling gear and very comfy with the added backrest. It’s no rocket, nor does it track like it’s on rails, but it sure is fun.


I also use a Sportspal but mine is a Squareback 13 ft with a trolling motor. I am selling it on ebay 9http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&rd=1&item=7114132173&ssPageName=STRK:MESE:IT) now though because I always reach for my kayak first, when I am solo, and my wife won’t go where there are alligators–so I don’t need the canoe here.


fishing canoe
I fish from a Coleman canoe. Mainly because that is what I happen to own. Despite being as fast, as manueverable, and as light as a concrete barge; it has proven to be nearly indestructible and adequate for anything I have thrown at it. I have had it in the Tennessee River and numerous creeks…including some whitewater.

I do stand in this canoe. I do it without any help from external devices. Yes, I pole and fish standing in this boat.

What do I want in my next canoe? I want speed and I am willing to sacrifice stability to get it. I may be a horrible fisherman, but I am quite skilled with a canoe. I’m looking for something with more straight line performance.

I fish from an…
Indian River 14’ squareback canoe. It’s my first canoe. It seems very stable to me. When I fish alone I must add two 6 gallon jugs of water to the bow section to trim it out. I also have the batt for the trolling motor up front. I have stood in it, but only to pole. I use a #55 trolling motor, and fish in south florida canals.

Old Town Guide147
I’ve used my Guide for a couple of years now and it is a very satisfactory fishing platform. Use it in creeks, rivers and lakes here in Texas both with a partner and solo.

Hey Kurt
Have had my Merlin for almost a year now. you are right on as to her stability and speed. I get some pretty confusing boat wakes here in NC and the merlin has no problem with them. Thanks.

Jeep Carrier
Was your Jeep a Wrangler hardtop,I’m looking for a canoe carrier for one.I would like one that I could take on and off.

A non-factory boat I had 15-20 yrs. ago
was a wonder. I wish I could find one like it or the plans. It reminded me of a Louisiana pirogue but with the ends squared off bringing the length down to just under 12 ft. With the seats pulled off the portage weight was 40 lbs.(somewhat less than my Pungo). It handled 2 adults and a rambunctious Australian Shepherd with no trouble even with the dog scrambling in and out. The bow was tapered to a V until it was squared off well above the waterline. The marine mahogany ply hull had some ribs added running down the length of the flat rear section of the bottom which undoubtedly enhanced tracking as well protecting the mahogany. It was equipped with oarlocks but was narrow enough that paddling was easy as was poling it. If I had one again I probably would do away with the clear (polyurethane spar varnish) finish. Even kept in my shed it got enough sunlight that I had to strip and revarnish it about every 2 years.

Revived thread…
Since this was revived I’ll finally chime in. Thought I did first time…

I fish from my Penobscot 16. I added a center seat. I stand up and fly fish. No outriggers but I see them occasionally (The spring creek model) on another guys boat and they are a fine thing indeed.

Old Town Tripper 17’2"

Had a MR Explorer 14tt, but I wanted a longer canoe so that I wouldn’t hit my fishing buddy with my casts. I also wanted Royalex instead of Polywhatever it’s called. The tripper will absolutely haul a ton of stuff and if I want to take the wife and 2 kids for spin around a quiet lake, there is room for that.

My One And Only
17’ Alumacraft Ultralite

It’s incredibly stable and is well suited for fishing due to its wide width, stability, and 68# weight. I bought it many years ago - at the time other canoes were very tippy and much more expensive than the $350 or so (new) I paid. I couldn’t afford anything else. From what I see now, there are some really nice wide stable canoes that are not priced much more than the current alumacraft and are about the same weight and may be superior in handling. I can and do stand in my canoe in warmer weather when out alone. For nearly 20 years of use and countless trips (and still going), I think I got a real bargain.

What Canoe do you fish from?
What kind of canoe do you fish from?

Mohawk Sport 14’

Why that model? Width,weight and stability

What model would you really like to have? I have it

Do you stand up and pole or cast (without assistance from outriggers)?

Stand when fishing probably 90% of the time without outriggers, using outriggers two of us stand and shrimp from it all night dipping shrimp.

If not, is this something you wish you could do?

Being able to stand is mandatory for me fishing the flats here in Florida.


Bob’s Special and Pack
I use two different canoes to fish from. I use my Nova Craft Bob’s Special if I am fishing larger lakes with more wind and wave action or if I take a second person. I use my Old Town Pack for smaller more sheltered lakes and remote lakes requiring a carry. I do not stand (only on occasion)and have become quite used to fishing from a seated position. Having a canoe that would be stable enough to stand and cast would be beneficial but weight for me is important. I do not want more than 60#s. I find both my canoes serve me well.