What footware for kayak in the summer?

I use kickers on rocks and reefs too

Better than barefoot on the shore
I wear a pair from Lands End that look like Keen or such - straps with a rubber toe so it’s open but looks enclosed like a traditional shoe, & had good tread on the sole for grip.

The downside of the straps, as someone else said, is that small pebbles can get inside. A few shakes in the water usually dislodge them. This seems to be an issue with any sandal or strap-based shoe. Even the enclosed water shoes have this issue, however, when in deeper, softer pebble beaches, however, as the rocks can get in over the top edge of the shoe & then have no way to get out unless to take the shoe off.

I don’t have a perfect solution here, just sharing my experiences. I would not get on a shore barefoot though - have seen too many sharp rocks & glass or trash on the shores of late. And water shoes tend to dry very quickly so it’s not like wearing regular shoes that hold water for days.