What is "Best" storage set-up for a SOT

Having just bought a Sit On Top I am looking to set-up a convenient place for storage. I am thinking of cementing in two posts beside the house with a metal screw sunk into each. On each post I would put a kayak "holder". I would make the posts taller than the kayak (sitting on it's side) so that I could have a tarp placed over it and attached to the poles (think of an upside down L ).

I would lock the kayak to both poles. It would be exposed to the cold outside (British Columbia) but I do not have room inside.

What would you suggest to improve this?


Put it upside down on crossbars
Just like a canoe. It is made to be stored that way.

The best place to store it is on the roof of your car so you are always ready!

I have a rack in my boat-barn
and leave one OK Scramber on 2x4 braces. The other I hang from the ceiling from webbing straps and frankly, I see no fiffernce between the two methods.