What is "shoulder?"

To add to the confusion …
This is from a book talking about poling.

“… A shallow “V” hull design helps with tracking and provides good initial and secondary stability because of having a ‘shoulder’ to stand on versus a flat bottom hull.”

In this case the “shoulder” being referenced is inside the boat, inside from where we said the chines were on the outside. Huh… ???

Confused enough or do you want more?



Eek! I repent! :slight_smile:
I usually do wear a helmet in the surf. That day, however, I did forget to bring along my helmet. I still wanted to paddle, so I accepted the risk, and paddled anyway. Since then, I’ve always kept certain essentials - like the helmet and PFD - in my car. Now I just have to remember to take them out of the car when I’m launching from my backyard beach! :slight_smile:

Shortly after that magazine cover came out, there was some bit of discussion in the “paddling community” about my lack of protective headgear; with some complaining directly to Sea Kayaker Mag. for publishing the photo. All in all, however, my “reckless abandon” did set off an important discussion, so I guess it served a purpose.

Lucky for me, I only capsized once that day, and rolled back up without bumping my head on anything! :slight_smile:


Y’all are too kayak-centric
Many canoes are said to have “shouldered tumblehome”, where the tumblehome starts well above the waterline. It’s a way of getting flare and tumblehome in the same hull. In a kayak, I’d suspect it to be a reference to the shape or volume distribution near the hull/deck seam area.

The question was about kayaks…
…what should we talk about, bicycles? :wink: