What is your club doing with Coronavirus

Doubtful soon. Maybe on day trips. But the shelters and camps are not conducive to social distancing and accommodations are limited to half capacity here. It is very hard to even break even on that sort of use.
The AMC website says flatly that the 2020 season has been cancelled for in house lodging. But a nother part of their site says till July 1

I see some paddling events scheduled.
Just adds to the confusion!


Numbers are out of date. NY is way down, in fact most counties do not have to quarantine to go into VT because they are under 400 per some-high-number. They have a map on Vermont’s quarantine web site.

As to Maine, a panel just sent the Gov recommendations to revamp the quarantine based on numeric data, basically adopt rules similar to what Vermont did a couple of weeks ago and NY, NJ and CT just did. It is an eminently sensible idea especially since all the state has to do is borrow others’ work.

This could alter how clubs are handling seasonal folks in July and August.

One of the NorCal clubs just restarted official trips, the other hasn’t.

The one that has restarted has reworded their standard waiver to include something about the risk of diseases. And they have new trip guidelines we need to follow:


Those guidelines shareable? They are excellent.

Well, it was put out by the club in a public forum (not behind the password protected wall for content for members only, where they put most stuff). But I also didn’t ask permission to post it. So not sure what to say.

Thinking the paddle group of my ADK chapter would like a look. They have some guidelines but l think yours are more comprehensive.

I am am sure you could pass along for them to consider for theirs.


West Virginia Wildwater Association- we’ve had a couple of zoom meetings. We never shut down the message board but did cancel all club events- beginner and intermediate clinics, including taking the National Youth Science Campers on a whitewater kayaking trip (the whole camp was canceled). We also canceled a number of club trips- upper new, yough etc.
Many of the members are still actively paddling, I’ve been helping some newer paddlers with some basic instruction but just one or two at a time and keeping the same shuttle partners. The biggest frustration has been for out of state members coming to wv and looking for a shuttle- most of the more local membership has already established their own shuttle pods and don’t respond to posts “I’m coming on the weekend of the 4th …looking to paddle, camp, and shuttle with others” type of posts. Folks have been good about wearing masks and rolling down windows on shuttles. Social distancing kind of goes out the window when folks are swimming and assistance is required. Another concern is roll instruction where close proximity is required.

Something we need to do more of is providing more tips about paddling with covid and the status of local campgrounds (open/closed) on our forum.

Most of the membership is communicating via phone or text and setting up small private trips. It is kind of funny when we bump into each other at access points or on the river. We don’t really mind paddling with each other but there is a concern about shuttling.

I’ve used this time to update a number of comments (shuttle routes, water levels, strainers) on specific rivers on the american whitewater site. Often the comments are old and sometimes not accurate.

Our club opened the calendar back up after the RI Governor went to Phase 3 of the reopening. MA will follow next week. We’ll see how things go. Hopefully is won’t be a repeat of what happened in other states. Still no shuttles. People are anxious to get out, so trips are pretty full.

(So far, I have been sticking with my relatively small paddling pod, or paddling alone. Started doing bike shuttles.)

Canoe club is paddling to the benefit concert for boats a mile from the club house. It is on a dock playing to anchored boats. Sunday is the full moon night paddle.