whats a good kayak for a guy that

weighs 292lbs, I am new at this, have not bought one yet, but looking

Depends on how ambitious you are
and what you intend to use it for. There are kayaks for guys your size (height will help determine which ones to look at, if you could provide it). It’s just not possible to make recommendations without a little more info.

We’ll want to know if, for example, you are looking for a SOT (sit-on-top), a SINK (sit-inside-kayak), whether it’s for fishing or leisurely outings around the local pond, or whether you’re looking for an ocean going machine that will take you through the advancing levels of sea kayaking.

For starters, you’ll want to check out Wes Boyd’s site, which contains excellant information for the larger paddler:



Sit in ? Try Dagger Blackwater 12.5
solid performing rec kayak with a skeg. I’ve been on a few river trips where newbees paddled this boat. It is fast, stable, very safe boat that won’t break the bank.

http://kayakcanoe.com/Blackwater125.html Should be able to find one on sale about now.

try a Wilderness Pungo
Be careful, some of the boats do not hold as much weight as they say they do. Be vary of Perception boats weight capacity ratings, my experience tells me that their capacity claims are a hoax.

My Pungo holds me well and my weight is about the same as yours (some weeks more and later some less than yours). I’d recommend you get the longer one if you can, the longer and sleeker the faster you can travel.

2 Excellent Choices
I am also a big guy, weighing 270 Lb. I owned these two choices, so I speak from experience.

If you need to watch your dollars, an Old Town Adventure XL-139 is a great Poly kayak for your weight. It will handle up to 345 Lb. it has a comfortable seat, and two important bulkheads & hatches for dry storage and flotation.

If you can afford Fiberglass, look at the Impex “Assateague” as my first choice. It is designed for the larger guy for performance touring. I own an Assateague now, and LOVE it! You can read my review here on P-Net if you want more info.

Happy Paddling1

Impex web site
I looked at their specs and don’t see anything for a person bordering on 300 lbs.

Beautiful boats but … I’ve learned my lesson, try before you buy.

At 235 lbs, I paddle a little 9.6’ Necky
Sky, bought when I lived in an apartment, stored great in a long closet. I’ve no problems with the Sky as far as weight. With fishing gear, bait container, and cooler, my total weight is probably closer to 260. You may want to look at some of the Necky boats.

Danny told me one of his sales guys weighs 290 Lb, and packs his assateague for overnight camping.

With me in my Assateague, the water is a good 2" below the seam tape.

With an overall capacity of
360 lbs and a cockpit sized at 35"x18.5" you might want to check out the Eddyline Equinox. It’s a solid kayak that you could grow into as a paddler. It’s new to the market so a used one will be hard to come by but it is worth a test paddle at the least.

sounds like a kayak to consider
but “grow into it” I hope only by expertise and the funds to purchase one

this kayak is on the spreadheet I made for myself with kayak possibilities for next year

it will depend on how much money I can make and save and if I can continue to lose weight

unless you meant “growing into it” as a boat to use while losing weight but the Pungo works pretty well for that

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