What's A Surfski?

Maybe this video might help:


Great video
Saw this earlier this week and enjoyed it. Lucky you living in Hawaii!

cool stuff. I’m considering one (again).

the name makes little sense
that is what I thought: why is really called ski when is has nothing to do with skis (the snow type one which I believe were around before the surf ski). I do understand “water” skis, but surfski?

Well…There’s Waveski Too…
Which should make things even more confusing…

Funniest part of the video.

To make it even more confusing, over the holidays I did a double take when I saw what looked like a slalom waterskier on my lake, moving in graceful curves and creating huge plumes. Of snow. The guy was being towed by a snowmobile. No idea what he was riding, but it was fun to watch.