What's the easiest-loading kayak rack?

Lift from ground to roof top
I don’t know if still made, but there really was a device that lifted the boat right off the ground and right onto the roof rack and secured it there. Very well made and not cheap but reasonable for what all it accomplished.

This was about 3 years ago. Sorry cannot remember its name!


check out www.loadmyboat.com
I believe this is the easiest load I have ever seen!

yep that is it

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Ah ha! That is the one I was told about. Thanks. I don't have any personal experience with it, so no testimonials but it looks like something to check out. I would love to know if any one has it or knows someone who has. Check out the video it impresses me. I have a friend with MS who this would be a godsend for.

Just curious but from a safety point of
view - if you can’t lift a kayak off the ground how can you help yourself in the water if something bad and unforeseen happens. I’m not trying to be snarky but a part of kayaking is the ability to help yourself or have someone with you that can help you if things go bad. I certainly hope someone is paddling with you.

I’m well aware of that.
I generally paddle in water that is not over my head.

I can’t speak from personal experience, but the load my boat system looks monstrous. I can’t find a price for the whole system which means it probably costs eleventy billion dollars.

The Hullavator may work out fine but will require you to lift the boat a foot or so off the ground. I couldn’t imagine that would require more effort than actual paddling.

The other loading assist accessories require loading from the rear of the vehicle which can be tough with the trunk. The roller types work best for SUV’s and vans.

Consider the Thule Outrigger or Yakima Boatloader. You only lift half the boat at a time and you don’t have to lift it up and over onto the car.

Trailer hitch
Your price also increases if you have to add a hitch to a sedan. Most trailers retail for the $1000(+) range for a decent one that’s stainless and doesn’t weigh a ton. Harbor Freight sells some cheapy ones that people like to use but usually need some modification to work correctly.

Light boat
Check out the Current Designs Kestrel 120 in hybrid lay up. 32 lbs x12’x26". The Yakima Showboat would also make it easier to load. Just remember when one end loading, use a tag line to prevent the boat from slipping.