What's your bug repellant?

drink coffee but don’t paddle with him
coffee doesn’t sound like the kind of person i’d like to spend much time around anyway … sounds more like an irritant.

CJ won’t eat clothing
Cactus juice won’t hurt anything. It’s made from the juice of the prickly pear cactus and nothing else in it but fragrance and preservatives and things to make a simple lotion. It softens the skin nicely, rubs in completely and gives a lovely tan.

look at campmor
for bens 100% deet around 97% actual deet

the oil lasts much longer than the spray IMO

Nice shots Glenn!

Read the question…
They asked what I use & I told them.

Paddle easy,


Just don’t understand why…
Some of the people here make things seem so darn difficult. “Tip-toe” around this & “oh my gosh” look out for that. Once again, I bring up the thread about “How did our generation survive?”.

Paddle easy,


I am not an irratant, I just say what most people think but are afraid to say. I don’t care about images & reputations, I am too old for that bullsh*t.

Are you telling me that you go out with bug repellant on everytime you leave the house… OR just when you paddle? So, you are only at risk when you paddle? There are no bugs around you when you are, say, going to the store or work or in the back yard BBQing?

You don’t put yourself in a bubble then, right? Why do it any other time?

If you had an hour trip, would you waste the first 15 minutes putting all that crap on or would you just go for an hour?

They asked a question, I answered it. Thought that was what the board was about???

When I used to use the stuff…
I posted what I used to use on a thread similar to this last year. People “bombed” me about it. So you know what? Why let them know again. The stuff works great! One application to clothing (tent, equipment) & no bugs (!!!) for 6 months or 6 washings, whatever comes first.

I don’t know if it was because it is a military product or if it was because “I” posted it or if people are so set in using “Deep Woods Off” (which is junk) or “Skin So Soft” (which is even crapier).

You remind me of someone I knew years ago :wink: … Makes me wonder…

Paddle easy,


aforementioned REI Jungle Juice 100 is 95 percent deet. One can order it online or purchase it in the store.

Sheesh, who would have thought that bug repellent would be such a controversy.

Do you own a Jet Ski Coffee?
You just don’t sound like a paddler. You might fit in better with the Jet Ski crowd.

Nope, never owned a jet ski…
Infact I have been quite the “nature enthousiast” for a lonnnnnnnnnng time now (about 24 years), but I am not a “tofuu vegetarian”…lol. I eat jerky & MRE’s, I am a steak & eggs type. Mostly paddling canoes since I was 10 & kayaks for the past three.

Jet ski??? Tried o friends out last summer for about 20 minutes… Didn’t do anything for me, all I wanted to do was sit & paddle and watch & listen to nature & get that “damn buzzing” sound from that jet-ski out of my head!

Thanks! nt

Deep Woods
Working in the forestry industry I find Deep Woods Off works best for me. I think though that although you can follow someone else’s suggestions, you may have to try various brands of repellent to find one that works for you.

Skin so soft
For marshing. It’s the only thing I have ever seen that works well against Green Heads (I lived on the marsh for 10 years). Ben’s with deet when needed for every place else.


Consumer Reports
or that other consumer magazine did a bit on repellants last year.

Deet was determined to be THE most effective repellant. There was virtually no difference between the effectiveness of 29%, 40, or 100% except that the stronger mixtures provided protection for a little longer.

29% Deet is approved for use in infants. That should tell you how “toxic” it is. It’s not a poison but rather it “hides” you from the skeeters by messing with their sensors.

100% Deet is recommended for use on clothing only. Evidently it can blister truly fair haired folks.

A liberal application of mud works well in an emergency. It’s quite fetching too. Any kid who sees you will surely suffer nightmares for weeks as you drag yourself from the swamp, wild-eyed, swatting, and covered in mud.

So you use “nothing” and "something"
That’s even more interesting.

This is why
Coffee, I am trying real hard to like you, because sometimes you post some good suggestions.

The reason why you get so many negative reactions is that your posts have a decidedly antagonistic tone to them. People can disagree without attacking, but your posts often have an air of personal attack…and over things like “what kind of bug juice do you use,” it makes us wonder what kind of person you are. Unfortunately, it’s becoming difficult to not come up with a conclusion similar to the one posted above.

Gratuitous attacks
What the heck does your diet have to do with whether you are an outdoorsperson or not?

If you prefer to use substances that some people consider harmful, that’s your choice. But no, it’s not good enough for you to say just “I like to eat meat and rub on DEET.” You have to put down everything else, especially if it costs more than what you use or if it doesn’t fit into your scheme of rigid marketing profiles.

Does not work on mosquitoes
What a crock of lies that whole publicity campaign was!

Green ban extra strength
is my standard. Deet with me on trips to back it up.