Where to anchor strap for Canoe

I’m looking for some advice from anyone who has a 2007 Ford Explorer on where they anchor the bow strap onto the car when transporting a canoe. I don’t see any place to do it without coming down under the bumper and the lower windscreen under the car. I’ve thought about going with the strap under the hood and anchor somewhere under there. However that just seems like a hassle though of having to open and close the hood. Anyone else have any suggestions???

The p.net method.
Get a couple of nylon straps 1-1.5’ long. Double each one and bore a hole in the 2 ends with a hot nail.Attach with a convenient bolt under the hood at the edge.you have a loop on each side which can be pulled out or tucked away.Great tie down spot.

Wat he said…


Loop setup
So have two loops one on each side or can I just have one in the midde/ front of the hood? I assume with the two/ one on each side that the strap setup from the canoe to the car would look like triangular.

Correct, and 2 tie downs keep the
boat from shifting when hit by blasts of wind from the sides.

Great advice, Thanks I appreciate your help.

You are welcome. If you want to make
sure your canoe is rock solid on the rack, use these:


Great for a SOT also.

Thwart-to-Bar ties give stability too

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The thwart-to-bar ties are terrific..and if you can't find anything, either under hood(not always convenient as you said) or underneath, you can always make some solid, additional ties from the thwarts to each of the footings or the bars again..only OUTSIDE of each footing. That'll give you sideways hold...but the manufactured part for securing sideways drift is sure nice if $$$ isn't issue...but for the record, without ANY play..there will be some stress put on the gunwales and hull, but the degree of stress is ???
True it taks some patience and often some creativity with the rope, but if you see no other alternatives...it works.
*Probably want to make the thwart-to-bar ties near the middle...to give yourself room at the gunwales for a flush "to-the-footings" tie... As most anything, the more times your either do it or practice it the less PITA is becomes...(aka what doesn't kill ya' makes you stronger..LOL)

Hood Loops in Use
Here’s another illustration. Look at the front of vehicle where attachment is. WW