Where to camp on expeditions

The east coast is so lame
"Are their really places you paddle where there is no place to land for 20 miles? "

Welcome to the REAL paddling of BIG waters.

Next time you drive along the Pacific Coast HWY, take a look at the coast line.

What makes it so beautiful is the dramatic cliffs. No place for a kayak to land safely.

Having lived and paddled both coast, I miss the big water of california.

I thought
all boaters are naturist-more or less :-)?

At least: naked people will have a hard time hiding a weapon…

I hope those people keel over and croak
They’re the first to call the cops yet they’re the ones breaking the law.

If I didn’t have a similar experience back east, I’d think you were kidding. I used to ride my bike on a public road that went through Weston, MA (a town of frighteningly homogeneous wealth). A certain dog kept chasing me with bared teeth. I only averted crashing or getting bitten by getting off the bike and chasing the thing with rocks and sticks…EVERY time. I got fed up with this and talked to the woman in the house, who said, “Oh, Hunter won’t hurt you” (as dog strained to bite me from her collar-hold on him). But she said they would keep him on their property.

Yeah, right. The dog continued to run onto the road and attack. I called the cops, whose lovely response was, “Can’t you ride your bike on another road?” It was obvious their priorities were such that dogs–or wealthy owners of dangerous dogs–had more “rights” than people legally using a public road. I was in my 20s and didn’t try to fight it. I would now.

hmm …
“I WONDERED what all those logs were doing WAY UP THERE!”