Where to keep my VHF

Brian zip-ties (2) the ICOM belt clip to a shoulder strap.

Again you want to use the MB-86 clip. The belt clip that ICOM provides with the M34 and M72 units is just a friction fit. It does does not have the ‘upside down’ release feature.

Yep, salt is an issue for all radios
What typically happens is that it builds up under the knobs and in the speaker and microphone, eventually causing functional problems. If you paddle salt water, you MUST at least rinse your radios and soaking them as you indicate is even better.

I have a MsFit and it’s a great PFD…
…but I don’t keep my radio in the pocket. I got tired of being jabbed by the antenna in the chin - or in the nose when I look down - so my radio is now shoulder mounted. Shoulder mounting has the added advantage of easy one-hand access and I never need to deal with trying to shove the radio in a flimsy pocket in pitching seas.

I agree that radios should be tethered, but they should be tethered to YOU, not the boat. If you lose the boat in an accident and the radio goes with it, you’re in a world of hurt! Your radio, flares, signal mirror and a horn or whistle should always be in/on your PFD.

Seems like you guys have it covered
I did chime in above before I saw this thread, but you’ve hit all the salient points.