Which Kayak Hatches Does A CTug Kayak Cart Fit Into?

I ordered direct from Ridgeside, they have 2 versions, 1 with a skeg the other has a skudder ( skeg and rudder combined) I’m used to a skeg and dont like rudders, its just me, so I got the skeg it was a bit cheaper. Prices were in $US, I live in Victoria, Australia. They offered me a boat with a minor blemish about the size of my thumb nail, and offered US$30 discount, I asked for US$50
and got it. Shipping was the killer,US$700. To keep costs down I drove the 100ks to and from the delivery warehouse. They lifted it onto the kayak racks with forklift and I drove home. I was concerned about a thermoformed boat, having only had poly and f/glass boats b4. I was worried about repairs, I’ve “welded” my poly and living on my yacht as I do fibreglass work is quite the norm. I you tubed a lot and asked advice on Australian kayaking facebook sites. General consensus was they are a great boat, but if the water your in requires a helmet, then that’s not the water for a thermoformed boat. The service has been great, and they sent me some large pieces of the plastic in both colours in case i need to repair. Just melt pieces of the plastic in acetone to make paste for the outside finish. Use fibreglass tape with methyl methacrylate glue for the inside. There are you tube videos. All up it cost me just under $1700 Australian dollars. I couldn’t find a poly boat with those features, and a thermoformed boat was in the A$2500 to A$3500 price range. I Paid with paypal so transaction was safe, I also use alibaba a fair bit for parts for my yacht, so I’m an accredited buyer. Hope this helps, feel free to look at my face book site, peter plaskett, my email is plaskprp1@optusnet.com.au if you want to contact me direct. Theres a couple of videos of me in action in her on you tube as well. Cheers Peter

Another data point…

Wilderness Systems Zephyr 160 rotomolded - it barely fits, fully disassembled*

  • broken down to 2 wheels, 2 hull pads, 1 kickstand, and 2 frame members

The skeg box and the lower profile top deck really constrain it, but it does fit, and millimeters to spare without bulging the rear hatch cover.