Which kayak to get for a big guy?

I’d appreciate all of your expert advice! I’ve been looking at kayaks, and am confused on which one to buy. I am a big guy - 6’ 2" >300 lbs. I want a comfortable kayak that is good for a relative beginning kayaker like me - a nice quality rec boat. I’ve looked at Pungo 120, Perception Acadia 13, Venture Easky 13…now I am confused. Can you give me some practical advice? Are there others that would work well? Thanks a million!

Kayak for large paddler

  • Necky Pinta (is composite, and used boats may

    be available).
  • The Thunderbird - is made for larger paddlers,

    and is a high quality boat, I am told.


big kayaks

not everything from the kayak place is up yet, but keep checking it for updates

Maybe an Old Town adventure XL? Necky Zoat Sport?

For a plastic sea kayak you will have limited choices. Maybe an old used Chinook, an Eclipse?

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I’d suggest the Pungo 140 instead of the 120. It’s a better match for your weight, and you’ll find it easier to paddle.

Which Yak to buy
Check out the Cobra Fish N’Dive. Very stable with a 36" width and a 600 pound carrying capacity. You most likely won’t win any races or set any long distance records, but it is very comfortable for the big folks!

If you can afford one, and find someone that carries it, you might look at Native’s new line. Kayak/canoe hybrid that paddlenet just highlighted in an article. Not appropriate for long distances for sure, but you didn’t really say what kind of paddling you want to do.

I’m 6’2" and, we’ll say, a little over 200. I wanted a sit in, so I got a Perception America 11. It has a huge, really huge cockpit opening, so in/out is really easy. I don’t need the efficiency of a long kayak because I mostly river fish, and I go very slow anyway. Very comfortable kayak, but not made anymore under Perception name. Dick’s Sports still has a few depending on the store, with same model name, but Victory is the “manufacturer”. I think they were made with old molds, no sealed stern like the Perception original, but that’s what mine is and I got it for around $300.

the P-14o is huge.


I’m about your size…
I had a Perception Acadia which was a strong, welll made boat that I fit well. I sold it for all the wrong reasons and wish I had it back.

My next boat was a Perception America. Huge cockpit for easy in and out. Very stable at the cost of speed and manuverability. I got it at Dicks and it did not cost a lot. I got it because it fit like a glove the moment I sat in it.

I just got an old town Dirgo 140, and its just the ticket for a bigger guy.

Im 5-11 240 and ive got MORE than enough room. Seriosly there is som much room i feel like im in a tandemkayak or a canoe. Huge wide open cockpit and plenty of legroom.

I got it for $650 out the door from


theyve also got bigger boats than that too.

Great boat for big guys
I am 6’4 and 220 lbs.

If you want a boat with great stability, comfort and quality I recommend testing the Current Design Storm - for me it was a great “starting boat” and it is pretty fast as well.


Rudder, large cockpit and lots of room for weekend trips. Handles waves excellent :slight_smile: