Whitewater Canoe Paddle???

Car trim edge protector
To figure it out I tried it on one side of my little dipper carbon paddle. I could not tell any difference in weight or handling so I put it on both sides of the kayak paddles. Now I can use the lightest paddles in the rocks. I did use some additional super glue at the edge of the trim.

Heaviest ZRE not the strongest ZRE.
The person I talked to at ZRE said that the Medium is stronger than the Black Rec (heaviest) for the basic flatwater paddle.

Others on p.net have suggested otherwise.

The Black Rec paddle has a different balance and feel than the Medium. I like the Medium, but not the Black Rec.

No…I definitely paddle kneeling and was not suggesting using my bent for whitewater, etc. Not a size issue either. Was just making a point that a paddle with no flex delivers more power with the same blade size.

My bent is a 52 and for straight I like a 56.

On the weight…I meant to say their whitewater weight / model. They make their standard z blade in a whitewater model / weight. Not the rec one which I know is not as strong. The WW model Z blade is 11 ounces I think…one ounce heavier than their medium weight and still a lot lighter than the rec model I think.


Sunday at AFS
I’ll have both of my Mitchells (one curved blade one straight) and my ZRE whitewater with me there. You are welcome to try them out.

I’ve used the ZRE in the conditions you originaly posted about and liked it except that I beat it up some on the rocks and I’m paranoid about that. The bent shaft makes for awkward cross forward strokes but I don’t mind switching sides in class II.

IMO the curved blade on the Mitchell does fine for sculling and sideslips. Both Mitchells do vibrate a bit on the slice.


no effect that I can sense
The Bandit is sort of noisy with an in-water recovery to start with. Best I can tell, the trim didn’t change the feel at all.