Whitewater in FL??

I am going to be relocating from Minneapolis, MN to West Palm Beach, FL and have done some searches for whitewater paddling in FL with no luck. Any advice/insight would be greatly appreciated.


the only whitewater you’re likely to see in Florida is in the form of breaking seawater. Don’t worry though, you can paddle all year.

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Whitewater in Florida is like doing Sea Kayaking in Wyoming…



Highest elevation in South Florida is probably 5 feet above sea level, really hard to find whitewater

It is hurricane season, maybe we’ll get some. Under the right conditions Worth Ave Palm Beach should make an excellent whitewater opportunity.

Just kidding but white shoals is about as close as you will get to Palm beach, you certainly want to paddle the loxahatchee river in Jupiter for an excellent taste of the true Florida and Florida paddling. Its a good river for a boat 12 feet or less.


Fort Lauderdale

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