Who is using a kayak Trailer - chime in

Modified snowmobile trailer
Aluminum frame, Tor-flex suspension, loooong tongue, plywood flatbed floor.

We’ve had it for more than 8 years and love it.

Carries two kayaks as set up, but somebody wanting to carry four could probably mod it to do that. The payload of about 1300 lbs would easily accommodate them. Tucks right in behind the tow rigs and does not hurt gas mileage.

"Don’t let other people drive your stuff
You got that right! Even without a trailer.

I can’t remember what else it is called, Magneta or something, but we can haul 8 kayaks. We use a combination of euro saddles and J saddles. We’ve had it about 8 years now and besides upgrading the tires about 4 years ago it has worked well for us.

I have the Trailex SUT-200S. It wasn’t cheap new but it wasn’t nearly as expensive as the other dedicated kayak/canoe trailers out there. What I like about it is that it’s aluminum and very lightweight so I can pick it up and move it around with the trailer on it. It rides ok. I pull it with my Jeep Wrangler.

Living with a trailer is fantastic. Initially I got some teasing about it from club members but now they are envious as I pull the kayak out of the water and load it onto the trailer in about 30 seconds. I don’t even have to unload my kayak! I have a bad back and the trailer makes life easy in that regard. Best of all I just leave the kayak on the trailer and it’s always ready to go. I just back the Jeep up, connect it up and go. It doesn’t get much better than that! Parking can be a problem but it’s easy enough to disconnect the trailer and pull it next to the Jeep if space it tight.

We bought a LoadRite in August and can carry 6 kayaks on it. Because it’s attached to an Audi A4 sedan, we bought two Thule boxes and mounted them on top for our gear.

The trailer was affordable and it’s not hard to hitch up to the car. Driving with it was very, very easy. We’ll see how it is for the long haul when we go down to Georgia in February and the trailer has the boxes, two sea kayaks and two surf boats on it.

Trailers are great, although we still cartop for local paddles/pool sessions.

It looks like
a canoe may not fit nicely on the Rack and Roll. They don’t show any. Aluminum would be nice, but I plan to take my canoe around upside down.

Here is what I use. It is a standard
tilt flat bed from Tractor Supply. I added the aluminum diamond plate, kayak racks, storage box,motorcycle ramp, and a few other goodies. I want to extend the tongue next and then I am done.


the paddle tube
I like the tube idea for gp paddles…

I bought one from a KY welder

I enjoy it…whenever more than two yaks, trailer imperative. Suggest largest wheels you can find.

Trailer 4 sale, Jersey.

Mine carries four boats and works well on our shuttles. I love the trailer though one of the aluminum braces broke in early December. Trailex replaced it promptly under warranty with no hassles.

Using the trailer saves me having to load and unload on the car top myself and at the end of our river runs we put one or two other boats on it in minutes and head back to the put in. It is all aluminum so it won’t rust and is very light.

It is a large diameter tube that holds
euro paddles too! It will haul six boats and a ton of gear. With three boats on the car and six on the trailer, I can haul 9 boats and seven paddlers and all our gear for a weekend. With the shorter tongue it is important to load weight forward or the trailer will wag. I am extending the tongue this spring.

That is a seriously nice little trailer
You should do modification work for those of us too lazy or time consumed ! (I’m a little of both)

I bought a small motorcycle trailer, little more than a frame and channel, for $40.

Replaced the wiring, removed the channel and put a light flat-bed overthe frame.

Now I have a mulit-use trailer.

I can strap a dog-cage and use it to haul camoping gear, leave it alone and haul whatever I want or bold a couple 2/x covered with closed-cell foam and load two kayaks at knee level.

Great trailer
I copied this from a previous question about trailers. Ours is great and I had used a Hullavator before. “My husband and I had a trailer custom made for us at Barry’s Trailers’ in Sarasota FL. We took pictures of what we wanted and got a great custom trailer that was 3 tiers, but we cut one off so as to get it in the garage. As it is right now, it could hold 8 kayaks on their sides, although I usually put one or two upside down. The trailer is galvanized and has an extended tongue. My longest boat is 16.5 ft, but it could easily haul longer boats too. We have 12 inch tires. All total we paid $852! …seems very reasonable to me. We later added rubber tubes and topped them with marine carpet to provide padding for the boats. I had never pulled a trailer before and it is great. And at various landings I find my trailer to be a “kayaker magnet.” It has had many compliments.” We also put a canoe on it for a while. It does everything we have asked. Also, it is light enough to now be pulled by my Kia Rio, although I also pull it with a Honda Odessey. If you find the right trailer dealer they will work with you.