Wind, waves,, and the go or no-go decisions

This is an interesting read. I seek out horrible/windy conditions to downwind in, but always am making a decision without the need to travel anywhere, not part of a multi day trip. I can see the dilemma/pull/desire to keep moving when prudence says stay put. Wisdom is knowing the difference between borderline and too much

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You should laugh with me. The canoe at the time was tied down (To keep it in Nevada), and weighted. Sideways to the wind would have been nice, but I don’t think I would have been strong enough, had it decided to go sightseeing without me. It was still a good day. I read and ate and watched from the shore, all good. The next day I pushed off and the wind had switched around to a tailwind, that was a bit scary, as well… made great miles, and was off the water early, to watch it blow some more.

You did gooood !! I chopped a day and the last 20 miles off a trip last month. Uh, uh, not me, in the rising sun I saw a large bass boat stuff its nose hard. I wasn’t going out in that. I found a friendly ride to where my truck was parked and by the afternoon (with the wind dropping, Of course) I had the boat up on the racks and I was headed home.

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Dago, I raced for a number of years. That means that I drove across the state at an un-godly hour to compete.

Some of those races were in very questionable circumstances. Paddled into the teeth of a Tropical storm, when a cold front delivered six foot waves to the beach we were launching from, and when hurricane feeder bands were flying by.

The decisions to paddle were questionable, but I have enough experience to know the questions. I did not rely on anyone else to make the decision for me.

:smile: It takes experience to know what one’s limitations are. If that makes sense.
It’d be interesting to know the percentage of people with a little experience who get into trouble vs the people with no experience who get into trouble.
OK, enough morning philosophizing w/o another cup of coffee.

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