Winter Paddling Gear

I don’t do the wade-in-the-water test, but I do low/high brace & practice roll


winter in southern california…
…isn’t too bad either. I get to wear a wetsuit and a jacket - sometimes :slight_smile: I think it hit 100 degrees again today.

Should always get wet
Doesn’t matter what you are wearing - ideally you should always get your face and torso wet before going out so that if you do capsize the water temp won’t be as shocking. The gasp response can kill you. Before I could roll I swam a bit, still do immerse at times because I can do that on my way to climbing into the boat so it’s faster. But with a roll or good scull or braces you can just drop over quickly after getting in the boat and get your face into the water for the same effect.

That said, I have to admit my resolve fades a lot once the water gets below about 42 degrees.

Ice is nice!

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Ice is nice! I paddle Lake Champlain nearly year round and love it. Several times this past winter I had the pleasure of the amazing sound of millions of little pieces of ice rubbing up against each other in mild chop. Always, when I go paddling in icy weather I find exotic shapes and textures of ice along shorelines. And ice floes are great for play or rest. With a smaller one, it's a challenge to hit it at just the right speed to scoot up on top and stop in the middle, rather than sliding back into the water or overshooting into the liquid on the other side.

I HATE being cold, but I dress warmly in several layers of polypro and fleece, a drysuit,a tuiliq, and either NRS mitts or Nordic Blues. I roll a lot but the only time I find myself cold is changing at the car afterward.

I love the last line!


Deep Six gloves
Celia, I’m curious on those Deep Six gloves, but a google search is not doing much good. Have any other information you can share? Have you seen these on-line anyplace?

You Got It RIght…

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Always do a roll or two before heading out in the winter, ESPECIALLY if the water is below 42. Better to find out right there if something is not feeling or performing right.

Psychologically, it sets you up much better to deal with an inadvertant capsize when you already know you can roll in that water.