Woman's semi-dry suit

I have the Kokatat Women’s large drysuit, goretex with goretex socks and latex wrist and neck gaskets. I was worried that the neck gasket would be uncomfortable, but after trimming it slightly it is extremely comfortable and doesn’t bother me at all. You can also stretch out neck and wrist gaskets a little by inserting soup cans or small pots into the openings and letting them sit that way for a few days.
I got a front pee zipper added as well which I use with a pee funnel. It also has the standard back zip so all the options are covered so to speak. This suit is so comfortable that I sometimes wear it even when it isn’t cold out, just so I can have a dry butt in my kayak. Breathability is extremely important in a drysuit, so if you can afford it i would get a goretex suit. They really are more comfortable. Breathability is way more important than the gasket issue, which can easily be adjusted.

Neck or wrist gaskets made from latex don’t have to be uncomfortable to work properly. I have a friend who was afraid to cut his and paddled around choking all the time.

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I see that Kokatat now has a new model semi-drysuit…so they now offer three different waterproof/breathable materials. I used mine again today and came back bone dry again (minimal/no sweating) even with the less expensive “Hydrus 2.5” fabric. Maybe the more expensive fabrics are somehow better but I’m still perfectly happy with my choice.

I noticed you were worried about the neck being too tight with a latex neck gasket. We have Stohlquist regular drysuits and the neck gasket is marked off in increments. You can cut it down one size, try it on and keep doing that until it is just right. You want it to still be a bit tight but not chocking you. I use an oil funnel that has a long lip on one side to use with my front zipper. That works great. It wonderful to be able to be fully immersed and not feel any water getting in.

The latex gaskets should not be a problem and I find rather comfortable. It’s the neoprene gaskets that can choke you if you don’t have the right size.