Working in Paddlesport? How to break in?

Necky seems to be hiring all the time. It never pays much 9-10/hr for entry level. I think they work 4 10s though. Oh yeah this is in Ferndale WA. Not to many places better for kayakers. Stay away though this place is getting crowded enough!

Topher! A man
after my own heart. I’ve been looking, waiting, and leaving notes on people’s windshields (“If you’re ever ready to sell this car…”) for a while now, with the same 300TD grease car idea in mind. Biodiesel is good, but a true grease car, now that would be something.

Two of my uncles were Mercedes engineers in Germany in the late 60s and 70s. My image of glamour is one of them taking the ferry across the English channel to visit us in Scotland, driving Maroon 1972 convertible.