wrong size PFD

I have a friend who is about size M who wears an XL.

Seems funny, but is there anything wrong with that?

Adjusttable Straps
will keep the person in the PFD. From a safety viewpoint, doesn’t make a difference. However, the PFD would be slightly bulkier or longer than needed and may get in the way… be it movement or feeling like it’s bumping into the backstrap.


That depends, what is his name?

depends on the fit
Some people just are proportined differently. If you csn insert your thumbs on each shoulder strap and pull the straps vertically to the wearer’s ears, the pfd is too loose and it will not do the job; your mouth will be in the water.

on the PFD. Many PFD’s (Lotus for sureuse the same main panels and flotation between sizesd, the only thing different being the length of the straps and mesh between the panels.

Let this test be the answer.

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Have him stand on the side of a swimming pool and jump in the water with his/her hands over their head. Most of the time when a person goes underwater they extend their arms not grab their PFD.The impulsive reaction is to extend the arms reaching for the surface Jumping in the water holding the PFD is not what happens when a boat turns over. . This simple test should answer their question and keep you from wondering.