Youth yak?

Those first two are on my watch list already. :grin:
That Chatham is the one I was asking about on my “I want to play” thread.

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Thank you!

For $275, that Mega would be an outstanding “player” on a waveface, at a bargain basement price, even with missing the moveable thigh hooks/pads (which can be fabricated with kydex and 1/4" minicell).


Photo of my Avatar 16 for a better look than the catalog pages (composite, but the RM versions are identical). You can see it’s a sleek boat for a smaller person with short upper body and arms. Fast and responsive, great skeg. It was only $300, a barn sale find with some scars and missing hatch inner covers, which I got replacements for from TopKayaker along with adding a new Perception backband and re-stringing the bungees. I slapped clear patch tape over the gelcoat scrapes and have been using it for two years – I’ll get around to restoring it someday. It’s going with me tomorrow to DelMarVa Greenland skills camp on Rehoboth Bay. Around here (SW Pennsylvania) a plastic one would go for around $500 to $600 in good shape.