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Permit for inflatable kayak - North NJ?

Hi all,

I need to know if I need any kind of registration/ permit for my inflatable 11' kayak for North New Jersey lakes ?
From my searches it seems like there's no need for a permit for inflatables, but I want some confirmation ?



  • you do not
    need to register a non motorized inflatable that size
  • Ramp Maintenance Permit
    Some reservoirs in NJ require a fishing license or Boat Maintenance Permit to park and use the waterway for recreation. For example Round Valley and the Assunpink Reservoirs require this. Although i wouldn't really consider those in "North Jersey".

    A complete list and more information can be found at the bottom of the website listed below.


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    Permit for inflatable kayak - North NJ
    Thanks bushwacker and packduckrock1! Sometimes I go to Harriman State Park in NY and it was actually the Palisades Interstate Park's $30 fee requirement, even for inflatables, that made me really question the NJ rules for inflatables.

    Quoting from their website:

    "A PIPC (Palisades Interstate Park Commission) boat permit is required to operate *any* craft (including rentals from outside the Park) on any waters under the jurisdiction of the PIPC."

  • Unbelievable
    Thirty dollars to go paddling; you've got to be kidding. What does it cost to take a walk--$50?
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    No kidding ...
    ... It's in the link above, and what's more is that the permit is only valid for ONE season :( Aha, haven't tried walking there, but I wouldn't be surprised if I'm charged for that too :)
  • fees
    When I looked at the regs it seemed that by some interpretation, just about anything over 12 ft but a surfboard should be registered. My 16 ft canoe is most certainly not registered, I can't say I know anyone that has registerd a canoe or yak. I don't know if that particular tax just doesn't get enforced.
    Keep your PFD on and keep a low profile and perhaps they just leave you alone
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    That's what I assumed - no fees/permit/registration for < 12" canoes/kayaks - which it could be true for most of NJ lakes, however PIPC (it includes Harriman State Park in NY) charges you for the permit of any craft, I even called them on the phone to confirm.
    I could get lucky if I don't get any permit, but I'm just gonna pay $30 and be done with it. Thanks a lot for sharing your experience.
  • No, but..
    Some state run facilities have entrance fees, some require a fishing license or ramp permit. The Delaware river has a separate launch permit and, of course, fee. Some are free. County runs places may or may not have a fee. Enforcement is spotty at the smaller lakes. But there will be somebody checking at Round Valley on summer weekends.
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    Same experience
    up here too, spotty checks here and there ... Anyway now I have a better idea of what charges I should expect. Thanks a lot.
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