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Seats on SUP boards?...

...I'm planning to give SUP a try.

I'm coming around 3rd base (78 y.o.), and the old bod stiffens easily if kept in one position too long.
That's the main reason I stopped kayaking years ago, and I'm not even using my solo canoe any more. The standing position and full-body activity of SUP might be just the ticket.

However, I might want to sit down, even briefly, once in a while. Sitting on the deck isn't an option, since getting up again might be impossible.

Does anyone make, or has anyone on here invented, a small seat/stool that could be added to a SUP? Probably needs to be 14" high m/l.

My apologies if this topic has already been exhausted here, but I couldn't find relevant info.

Or I could just get a rocking chair and a bigger TV.


  • SUP Seats
    Good for you for trying something new. My mom is 72 and just started SUPping last year. She loves it. SUP is a GREAT activity for developing strength and balance.
    Yes to the seat question. I have seen coolers used as seats on sups rigged for fishing. Shouldn't be much of a problem to figure out how to attach something to the board.

  • Crazy Creek Camp Chair
    Or any of its ilk will work fine. Tie in a small cooler or filled drybag to font tied downs and that'll provide footbraces. For the fun of it, bring a golf umbrella as a down wind sail.

    See you on the water,
    The River Connection, Inc.
    Hyde Park, NY
  • I am thinking of an offbeat race event
    Sitting SUP umbrella sailing!
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    SUP seat available soon
    Hello, we have the perfect sup seat for you. VentureGlide is the first patented SUP seat in the market and will be in full production soon.

    Meantime you can visit us at www.ventureglide.com to see it in action and sign up for our VIP priority registration that will let you know when the product becomes available.
  • I like it from what i see
    Hopefully wont be too overpriced so i can order a couple. (husband needs a knee replacement so less paddling time on his feet with full weight would be great!)
  • The
    Venture Glide seat looks very good! Hope you sell a bunch as I hear people complain all the time about the need to sit for awhile.
  • I didnt see into on attaching
    -- Last Updated: Aug-31-13 6:17 PM EST --

    the permanent base (Info..not into)- not keen on that at all. Like the VentureGlide idea much better

  • If not surfing use canoe for SUP!
    To get your seat back, just use a canoe for SUP. That is, if you're not surfing or out in the wind. On protected waters, Canoe-SUP is the way to go. Enjoy the best of all worlds: standing, sitting, cargo, passengers, etc.
  • I have used the Cabelas universal
    storage box, although it is lower in height.
    I tie it with a rope to the rear loop as a safety.
    When combined with knee pads, it provides the same basic canoe kneeling/seated position, although you are only on a board. The box also has a waterproof gasket, and doubles for utility storage. And, it will float.

    Just move it back a bit when standing up.
    When you need a break from standing, bring it forward,
    and relax. This kneeling/seated position does require an adjustment of holding position with the standup paddle. It is still faster than any canoe I have paddled.
  • standing canoe
    I was thinking about this myself and I had the idea of gluing on a foam pedestal thats used in whitewater canoes. You would kneel on this so it should be easy to use without having to move your feet much. I decided just too use my canoe with a SUP Paddle and it works great. I use a Wenonah encounter which is very stable and turns easily. I stood up on it almost the entire 8 mile run on Juniper springs which is rated one of the difficult rivers to paddle. The canoe keeps me dry offers more protection from alligators and gives me a seat to sit on when I get tired. The downfall of using a canoe however is if you should capsize its much more difficult to rescue yourself.
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    sup seat
    never seen the sup seat / venture glide before. could be something i could get into for the long trips...
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    Sup Seat
    -- Last Updated: Dec-02-14 1:24 AM EST --

    Hi, I have been using the VentureGlide as a prototype now for about 3 years, I love it , It will be launched in Late July, 2014 and it is actually the Outrigger Canoe Paddle position on a SUP! and you can Change paddle positions from Standup to either position in just 3 seconds without loss of Paddle torque or Paddle cadence. Go to http://www.ventureglide.com Check out the new Video,http://youtu.be/uVMlQIsT8PU Bruce

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    Go here http://www.paddling.net/standup/boards.html and click on Saturn Inflatable SUPs and Sea Eagle Inflatable Boats both of which make boards with strap on seats. You can probably find rigid versions as well. I am just now checking into SUP and thinking of starting with the SOT330. Being able to keep an inflatable SUP/kayak in the truck wherever I go sounds like a plan.
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    VentureGlide pre summer sale
    The ventureGlide is having a pre summer sale starting April 1, 2015 for $179.95 and check out the new video's
  • Saw About A Dozen SUP's Using
    -- Last Updated: Apr-07-15 5:02 AM EST --

    Those folding aluminum chairs with checkered ribbon seats and backs to sit down on and paddle around and surf at Haleiwa Harbor last Saturday. Seems to work very well and cheap too!

    See: http://www.facebook.com/430411720348181/photos/pb.430411720348181.-2207520000.1428393892./864201286969220/?type=3&theater


  • SUP Seat
    I am in similar situation, except heart problems, standing for hours is just not easy and I SUP to stand up sight fish flats.

    Using a cooler/drybox, the one I chose is the Engel 30 with the added rod holders, you can also get a padded seat cusion for it and it won't break the bank.
    Mine is secured to leash plug spots on my SUP.
    This box serves multi purpose, as a Seat its great, I can also stand on it for additional height when sighting fish, keep my dry stuff (wallet, keys, cell), fishing tackle, inside along with my lunch and a gallon water jug.
  • Versa Board
    by Liquid Logic and Native Watercraft has a basic seat with adjustable back as well as optional one that sits higher.
  • Does anyone know if Ventureglide has gone out of business? i cannot find an active site for them anymore. tks

  • Old thread, but probably still valid. I've just started using SUP in my late 60s. I anticipate haveing the same issue as the OP. My thought is that I wouldn't need a seat, per se, as much as a "leaning post." What I have in mind is a single post that attaches to a swivel in the deck, with another swivel beneath a small cushion. The rider would brace his or her butt against the cushion, taking some (but not all) of the weight off the legs. I think the monopole and swivel configuration would allow the rider to continue to shift weight to balance in chop, etc. - I suspect that a literal seat supported at multiple points and carrying the rider's entire weight might impair this ability (depending on height above deck.) It might be of benefit to allow adjusting tension or locking one or both swivel joints. The support pole should be adjustable in length, I'm thinking of starting with an aluminum painting pole or equivalent. Any thoughts?

  • As one who is lot older then you and started on a SUP two years ago, I think you would do a lot better just getting time on the board. if you need a crutch, just use the paddle.
    Jack L

  • I'm agree with Jack, the leaning post is not a good idea, and just provides leverage for flipping the SUP over. Buy or rent a stable fairly wide and long SUP. Avoid inflatables, you'll find that a SUP that sinks a bit in the water is actually more stable than a very floaty thick SUP. Learn to paddle and use the paddle as a brace, always keep it in the water and moving for support. You'll be surprised how much paddling an SUP helps strengthen your core muscles, legs, and improves flexibility and agility. I know several older SUP paddlers that have greatly improved their fitness just by getting out for an hour or so on a regular basis. If you can walk for an hour, you can paddle for an hour. You may need to do some exercises in the beginning but keep at it, it's worth it and much more fitness promoting than kayaking or canoeing.

  • Sea Dart puts it in a nut shell and is right on!

    I had a good laugh the other day, when my wife and I paddled by an older couple who were probably thirty years younger than us. The guy yelled out that "you guys must have great "abs".
    I yelled back that I don't know about "abs"but I love what it has done for my quads, my back, my hips and my upper body. then I quietly asked my wife: "what the hell are abs?

    Jack L

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