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Did the Green River - now what?

We did an 11 day canoe trip on the Green River this spring (Ruby Ranch to the confluence.) We took our 4 and 7 year old boys, and loved it.

We’re looking for the next trip with similar flatwater (or mellow whitewater,) wilderness camping, etc.

We did the green in a “catamaran” canoe setup, which worked great. Is this a thing on other rivers?


It seems that for our family, we’d be crowded in one canoe, and not really ready to have the kids do a lot of useful paddling if we have two. So, a catamaran (or raft?) seems to be a good option for now.

Anyway, would love your suggestions on wilderness rivers that would be appropriate for our family. We’re in Washington State, but willing to drive or fly most places in the US or Canada. Thanks!


  • Bowron Lakes is a beautiful week long loop but with only one short stretch of moving water and eight or so cartable portages its really a canoe trip rather than raft
    it is possible to rent 20 foot canoes which is more than your family needs
    Try the Teslin and Yukon Rivers. They are fast moving flatwater until Carmacks
    Below is a class 3 rapid because of standing waves at Five Fingers
    However a cataraft woukd be feasible
    ive seen rafts that were made of branches on the shore

    Missouri Breaks in Montana
    150 miles through cantons and grassland and grazing areas
    Moving. No whitewater

  • Thank you! Bowron Lakes is on the list, and the other ones look promising. We’re also looking at BWCA.

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    I'll second the upper Missouri river in Montana. When your kids study American history in school they can say that they camped in places where Lewis and Clark camped. Several of the BLM campsites are at locations where Lewis and Clark's party stayed. The one time I paddled there was at the end of July. With very little shade along the river the hot weather we had was getting to me but other than that it was a nice trip.

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