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Back River

Considering this trip. Anyone traveled this river?


  • No but there is an extensive trip report
    and coordinates of rapids here

  • I see that report
    Yes I see that. Thanks. I'm just trying to id folks that have been on the river.
  • here
    Haven't yet, check our the info and trip reports in the Canadian canoe routes website...tins if info.
    Robert Perkins was the.first to.solo it in a canoe in the 80's you can read his.book and even order the dvd called " into the great solitude". You can buy it n read more on his website
    A few other trip dvds too there..good stuff
    Get hold of Samuel hearns journals and books online...first to do that river in late 1700's
  • I think you are on the wrong website
    I have met some locals who have done it but they do not post.
  • Thanks
    yea - this is not the best place for this river, I realize that - thanks for the input.
  • Captain Back
    I would recommend the book: Narrative Of The Arctic Land Expedition To The North Of The Great Fish River In The Years 1833, 1834, And 1835 by Captain Back, R.N.

    You can download a free OCR version to a Nook, Kindle, or PC. It's a fascinating read and is the book which prompted Perkins to go on his solo.

    There is also a youtube video:
    One Man's Journey Part I: Into the Great Solitude - PREVIEW
  • Back river experience
    Come to this event and I know there will be at least 2 people who have done the Back River.

  • closer to home go to the Wilderness
    -- Last Updated: Jan-28-12 11:59 AM EST --

    Canoe Symposium in Toronto mid February and find Allan Jacobs and Marilyn Sprissler. Undoubtedly there will be a dozen or so others. Some 700 people attend and there is a locator service for messages.


    You may also find someone who has paddled the Back at the Wilderness Paddlers Gathering in Vermont in March at Hulbert Outdoor Center.

  • I just looked up the schedule for
    Wilderness Paddlers Gathering and there will be a presentation on the Back River by Peter Marshall who has done the trip and the setting encourages your participation.

  • And its just 15 minutes up I91a
    from my home. I will try to attend. After some reading I'm beginning to think this river may not be the best choice at this stage of my life. Have to think on it.
  • heh heh you cannot just drop in
    Attendance is limited.. (seems the fire marshal limits occupancy) I recommend registering and attending even if you don't do that river now.
  • your right
    Yes I should. I think I would enjoy the folks at this gathering. Lot of experience up north for sure.
  • Options
    back river
    try checking out writer/filmmaker robert perkins "into the great solitude" available from www.der.org-you can see the trailer on utube-that and "talking to angels"-are both about his trips there and were on pbs,- .j
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