Back River

Considering this trip. Anyone traveled this river?

No but there is an extensive trip report
and coordinates of rapids here

I see that report
Yes I see that. Thanks. I’m just trying to id folks that have been on the river.

Haven’t yet, check our the info and trip reports in the Canadian canoe routes website…tins if info.

Robert Perkins was the.first to.solo it in a canoe in the 80’s you can read and even order the dvd called " into the great solitude". You can buy it n read more on his website

A few other trip dvds too there…good stuff

Get hold of Samuel hearns journals and books online…first to do that river in late 1700’s

I think you are on the wrong website
I have met some locals who have done it but they do not post.

yea - this is not the best place for this river, I realize that - thanks for the input.

Captain Back
I would recommend the book: Narrative Of The Arctic Land Expedition To The North Of The Great Fish River In The Years 1833, 1834, And 1835 by Captain Back, R.N.

You can download a free OCR version to a Nook, Kindle, or PC. It’s a fascinating read and is the book which prompted Perkins to go on his solo.

There is also a youtube video:

One Man’s Journey Part I: Into the Great Solitude - PREVIEW

Back river experience
Come to this event and I know there will be at least 2 people who have done the Back River.

closer to home go to the Wilderness

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Canoe Symposium in Toronto mid February and find Allan Jacobs and Marilyn Sprissler. Undoubtedly there will be a dozen or so others. Some 700 people attend and there is a locator service for messages.

You may also find someone who has paddled the Back at the Wilderness Paddlers Gathering in Vermont in March at Hulbert Outdoor Center.

I just looked up the schedule for
Wilderness Paddlers Gathering and there will be a presentation on the Back River by Peter Marshall who has done the trip and the setting encourages your participation.

And its just 15 minutes up I91a
from my home. I will try to attend. After some reading I’m beginning to think this river may not be the best choice at this stage of my life. Have to think on it.

heh heh you cannot just drop in
Attendance is limited… (seems the fire marshal limits occupancy) I recommend registering and attending even if you don’t do that river now.

your right
Yes I should. I think I would enjoy the folks at this gathering. Lot of experience up north for sure.

back river
try checking out writer/filmmaker robert perkins “into the great solitude” available from can see the trailer on utube-that and “talking to angels”-are both about his trips there and were on pbs,- .j