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Stuer Rob Roy Replica


I have an old wooden canoe that I am trying to find out a bit more about.

I am pretty sure it is a Struer Rob Roy replica made in Denmark(?) in 1967.


I think it was designed partly by Dr Alex Moulton who also worked on the Mini with Sir Alex Issigonis and it was designed as a touring canoe with enough space for a man to lie down and sleep inside it (shoulder width).

It has a large rear mounted rudder steered by foot bars. Sorry that I dont have a picture to upload it is stored at my parents house.

I am trying to find out roughly how many were made and to try to get an idea of it's value.

Many thanks,



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    Any ideas of other place to enquire about this would be helpful too?

  • Stuer
    There is a "contact us" page available from the link you provided.

    Whom else beside the manufacturer might know better?
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    Simon River Sports in Canada used to sell Struer, don't know if they still do. Also, Kayakpro in New Rochelle, NY. I bought a Struer a while back, but it was a prototype owned by a private seller (I think) related to the family that builds them in Denmark. I lost his info in a computer meltdown some years ago. I don't know that there are any active dealers in N. America any more. You'd probably have more luck contacting kayak dealers in Scandinavia.
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    Yes, I emailed them but they aren't responding, so I thought I would cast my net a bit wider.
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    Thanks for the suggestion I will have look.
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    Stuer Rob Roy Replica
    I have the same circa '67 Rob Roy Stuer Kayak. Not much information out there on them. I'd put value around $2500.00+. That's just a guess from an old dude that grew up rowing wood rowboats...had a couple kayaks but I was too big for them..
    The Mystic Seaport Museum had the Stuer Rob Roy Kayak in their collection of small boats.
    According to some paperwork I have it states:

    Sole Exporter:

    Good Luck...Greg
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