Stuer Rob Roy Replica


I have an old wooden canoe that I am trying to find out a bit more about.

I am pretty sure it is a Struer Rob Roy replica made in Denmark(?) in 1967.

I think it was designed partly by Dr Alex Moulton who also worked on the Mini with Sir Alex Issigonis and it was designed as a touring canoe with enough space for a man to lie down and sleep inside it (shoulder width).

It has a large rear mounted rudder steered by foot bars. Sorry that I dont have a picture to upload it is stored at my parents house.

I am trying to find out roughly how many were made and to try to get an idea of it’s value.

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Any ideas of other place to enquire about this would be helpful too?


There is a “contact us” page available from the link you provided.

Whom else beside the manufacturer might know better?

Two ideas
Simon River Sports in Canada used to sell Struer, don’t know if they still do. Also, Kayakpro in New Rochelle, NY. I bought a Struer a while back, but it was a prototype owned by a private seller (I think) related to the family that builds them in Denmark. I lost his info in a computer meltdown some years ago. I don’t know that there are any active dealers in N. America any more. You’d probably have more luck contacting kayak dealers in Scandinavia.

Yes, I emailed them but they aren’t responding, so I thought I would cast my net a bit wider.

Thanks for the suggestion I will have look.

Stuer Rob Roy Replica

I have the same circa '67 Rob Roy Stuer Kayak. Not much information out there on them. I’d put value around $2500.00+. That’s just a guess from an old dude that grew up rowing wood rowboats…had a couple kayaks but I was too big for them…

The Mystic Seaport Museum had the Stuer Rob Roy Kayak in their collection of small boats.

According to some paperwork I have it states:

Sole Exporter:



Good Luck…Greg