05' Currituck....?

Does anyone have any input about this yak, is it as lively and fun say as a T-165 or an Avocet?? iS THE COKPIT COMPARABLE IN SIZE/FIT?

different but similar…
I generally don’t comment on the competition but…since you asked about comparing to the T-165.

yes lively, some may say too lively, fun…in the eyes of the beholder?

fit is similar to 165. maybe a touch bigger, especially in thigh area, since it has slight paddling only.

hope this helps.


Avocet and the T165 similar to you?
Just asking to get a sense of things - I am not sure I’d put those boats into the same bucket.

not in the same bucket
I used to paddle a currituck, now paddle a

avocet. Currituck is alot bigger in cockpit,

higher decks & not quite as lively. To me

currituck felt more sluggish, but was a really

good rough water boat & a dry ride. I was probably

on the small side for boat, so a bigger paddler

might feel differently about handling characteristic’s of currituck.