'07 Wenonah Kingfisher Ultra-light Kev

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Hello All!

Been looking for a used recreational tandem canoe that is lightweight and stable, strictly for flatwater paddling. Found a 2007 Kingfisher Ultra-light Kevlar online for sale. It appears to be in excellent condition, lightly used, stored indoors, and has the standard silver aluminum trim/gunwale option. Owner is asking $1400, thinking of offering $1200.


Does this seem like a decent deal?

Thanks for any feedback!!

tandem, or solo?

It’s a 16 foot tandem

Your price range and strategy seem
reasonable. Should be plenty stable.

I haven’t heard of the "Kingfisher"
It looks exactly like our Jensens, and it looks in perfect shape.

Check it out, and if it is as good as it looks, go for it.

My 17 foot Jensen weighs in at 39 pounds from the factory, and is our favorite canoe.

That boat should be a pound or two lighter

I think you are right on the money if it is as good as it looks

Jack L

Thanks for the replies
Thanks, everyone, for the replies. If the canoe is still available, I plan on looking at it asap.

Kingfisher is a wide tandem
39" IIRC. Should be very stable. (I can only use it’s little brother which I had, the 14’ Fisherman as a guide) Might be not the best tandem paddled solo. If that one is as good as it looks in the photo, asking price isn’t out of line. Maybe a little high, but if it’s exactly what you want it is reasonable. Make sure there are no signs of impact or UV damage. Otherwise…the price should go down.

One here too
There is one here near me too in the flex-core with red gelcoat. I’ve been eyeballing but:

  1. It’s expensive and I’m on a tight budget
  2. I don’t like red

    Otherwise I think it would be a sweet all rounder. Should be super stable.

Ended up with an Adirondack

Just wanted to close the loop and say that I ended up not getting the Kingfisher but instead got a very good price on a new 16’ Wenonah Adirondack U/L kevlar. Holy smokes is this a nice boat. Initial stability is good and the boat is SO easy to paddle. It tracks very well, too. At 37lbs, it’s a dream to load and unload. I look forward to many years of paddling the Adirondack.

Nice of you to follow up.
And a good choice of canoe.