08 vs 09 tsunami 135

My wife is considering a tsunami 135 and we noticed some minor differences in the dimensions between the 08 vs 09 as listed in the catalog and website. The website lists the deck height of the 09 as 14.5 and the 08 catalog lists 13.5. The 08 is also listed as 0.25" narrower. Does anyone know if this boat has actually changed dimensions or did the numbers just change on the website.

no change
just more accurate catalog info.

new caulk in the bulkhead sealing and a new stern hatch, both lid and rim (NOT interchangeable)


It’s very very expensive changing the molds for these boats. Any changes are either mistakes or changes in how a boat is measured. They arn’t changing the molds.

the new hatches require cutting off the old hatch rim and welding on a new one. yes quite a bit of work and $$$, BUT we finally have a great rear hatch.