1+1 SOT suggestions?


Looking for a first sit on top kayak but I’d like to let my small kids go along for the ride (1 at a time) just for fun in safe waters for 10 mins or so sometimes. Until they are big and strong enough to have their own.

Do I need to get something which is specifically 1+1 (child) e.g. the Feelfree Yuntos? It looks like they have just added a moulded area to sit but the kid is basically balancing on the front anyway.

Or would I be better off with a decent solo or go the whole way with a tandem (even though kids get bored quickly)? Thoughts for those who have done this appreciated.


I don’t know what your price range is, or what kind of water you plan to paddle on. Malibu X-13 might work. 13 foot SOT with a child seat built into the front hatch cover. Looks like a decent kayak for day paddling or for fishing or touring if that’s something you might be thinking of down the road. Under $1000 and sold through West Marine.

I gave this kayak a look, but it was a little heavy for what I needed. I have seen some good reviews on it.

I have carried children many timed over the years. Highly recommend a tandem or the one with a child seat. Paddling with a child in your lap is tough.

Thanks for that. Should’ve said I’m in the UK. Don’t think the X-13 is stocked anywhere. Looks good though. Still worth seeing the sort of thing to look at. I’m a beginner so wouldn’t be doing anything beyond quiet, protected, safe waters for now.

My only concern with the 1+1 I’ve seen are they either have the kid between your legs which I think is not great, or basically balanced at the front. The only apparent difference from a regular solo that they have a bit of a mini seat pad.



I’m surprised there aren’t more 1+a small 1. As a lot of the tandems jump up to 2+ a small 1 which is more than I need.

I should probably look at the Feelfree Yuntos or a proper tandem. Can always sell on in a few years and get solo/s then.

I paddled a tandem when the kids were young. Kids always come with stuff.
We had a Folbot Super that easily held my wife and 2 kids and sometimes the dog. We only did the kind of paddling you want to do.
The Super was a large skin on frame sit inside kayak. I think there are similar boats still made.

Look at Klepper kayaks.

Klepper look fantastic. Very interested but price might put me off.

All good suggestions thanks.

I am loving the look of klepper :smile: Packs down small but isn’t inflatable. Thanks very much for mentioning them. Definitely going to find out more. Wondering if they hold value well for resale.

My Folbot did. Don’t know about Klepper.