1/2 skirt...or deck?

Recently we were watching a discovery channel show and the host was paddling in a Wilderness Systems Kayak (I couldn’t tell which model it was though) and I noticed he had what appeared to be a cover over the front half of his cockpit, similar to that of a spray skirt, but it didn’t connect to his body. It appeared that it just kept the drips from falling in his lap.

So we went into a local outfitter to find one with no luck. Then over the holidays we were in another city and ran into a local outfitter there and they had one very similar but it came with an old town Rush. Here’s the old town link and you can see it on their yak. http://www.oldtowncanoe.com/kayaks_rush.php

Does anyone know if there is one like this that would fit a dagger zydeco? It’s my wife’s boat and she’d like one. We paddle in AZ and it’s rarely cold here so she doesn’t want a full spray skirt because then she would get too hot.

half skirt/mini skirt
I have one from Voyageur that I’m selling - just sent you an email about it. When I had my rec yak, I loved the half skirt. It’s not like I was going to roll that rec yak (to need a full skirt), and the half skirt was great for keeping drips/splashes out in colder weather, and for providing extra shade for my legs in the warmer weather.

If you are looking new, Voyageur was the only manufacturer I ever saw them from, but I think they are hard to find due to changes within that company.

Good luck!



sun sprayskirt
I think this is what you were talking about



Also, some time ago, I saw similar model from one of the major manufactureres, but can not remember the website

Wilderness Systems Mini-skirt…

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it goes for $29 new. I just tried it on a Zydeco and it fit great.

Mini skirts
We have this type skirt for our two OT Loon111’s and also a couple of really short ones for smaller cockpits such as on a Castine. They are nice for warmer weather and to help keep the sun off your legs or water from dripping into the boat or on you.

Ours were purchased from a local shop or check out Voyagers website.

They’re Great
I have one that I use on my 170 Boreal, 139 OT, and 9.,6 OT kayaks (yes, the same one). Like a couple of the other threads stated, its great for leg shade in the summer and warding off the cold in the winter (used it on a 39ºF paddle last week) while keeping the paddler and inside of the cockpit dry. Not any good for rolling but it was the best $25.00 investment I made in 2001.

Stay safe on the water,