1 more on gps - what display is best?

If you are fed up with gps stuff, please ignore.

I am over 50, and want a multi-purpose gps, and most of the kayak recommendations have a very small display. Can anybody recommend a hand held model with an easier to read display? I don’t wear my reading glasses hardly at all when outdoors, but think I am going to have to use them to use a modern gps. A 2" x 3" display would be great, but I don’t think that is available. Thank you.

Garmin 201?
For the price, it has some good basic features and at least one numerical display is quite large. Does not have charts or load any kind of charting, but will get you home. I use mine for speed, distance, and time, normally with the elapsed time in the larger format. Total display size is 1x1.5 inches. larger format is about 1/2" tall. Mine is on the deck wrapped around pipe insulation and bungee, easy to see and reach.

My eyes over 50
really like my Garmin 72; economical, basic functions, good battery life.

Used one of the eTrex models for several years and it was a good unit but I, too, needed a bigger display.


garmin map 76 or just the 76
you want size and resolution this is it. Check out the resolution on some 76 models some are better than others.