1 or 2 part paint for canoe?

Redoing my 1991 Old Town Fiberglass Canoe. Do you think the benefits of 2 parts is worth the extra cost, etc. over 1 part paint? … Thanks, Joe.

2 part much more durable and with the money.

Primekote then Interlux Perfection 2 part

Did that hull 11+ years ago.

There is no reason to buy fancy paint that is going to get scraped off the bottom of your canoe. Marine enamel with oil base works great. Oil based porch paint is very satisfactory. Latex house paint works better than you would think. Epoxy paint is hard to work with and costa a lot. I have painted lots of canoes, most of them several times. Don’t over think it. I like the Rustoleum marine enamel a lot and it is easy to get in a home center.

Thanks for the replies…

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