1-pc conversion to 2-pc.

I sold one of my pack canoes and the buyer didn’t want the paddle, a 30-year-old wood 90 degree feathered 8’ long in excellent condition. Since I have two identical paddles (of that vintage) and one boat (to fit the paddles), I am thinking about trying to fit a ferrule on one and make a 2-piece out of it, so I can more conveniently transport it. Any thoughts or advice?

There’s no reason you can’t
Steel and carbon fiber ferrules are readily available and either should work fine.

Sounds like my old Clement 96".
I’ve always been able to snake mine into our cars from the back door, but a ferrule job might allow easier storage in the canoe, and the wood joint on my Clement imperfect, so it could be repaired in the course of a ferrule job.

My 8’ double blade works nicely in canoes no wider than about 30", kneeling, with a high angle style.

thinking they were Clement
g2d, I kind of remembered them being Clement (about $75 in 1980), but whatever label there was fell victim to one of the many refinishings long ago (why they are still in such good condition). I’ll try to take some pictures and you can tell me if they look like yours. I tried googling Clement kayak paddle and didn’t find anything like them.

I’m thinking I would get the carbon fiber ferrule, since it is 14" long, whereas the stainless one is only 6". I am a LOT more comfortable with a good long bury on each side.