1 piece paddle separated

My whitewater paddle is a Werner 1 piece Sherpa, with a bent shaft and a 45 degree offset. The other day it came loose in the middle of the shaft and the 2 halves separated entirely. It looks like it was bonded with a sort of epoxy. Has this happened to anybody before? I noticed 0 degree offsets are 1 piece, but feathered versions of this paddle have a seam in the middle of the shaft.

Any advice? Is this something I should try to epoxy?


Use the fridge rule-“When in doubt”
“throw it out”

Seriously, since you are totally bleeped if you have paddle failure in a whitewater situation, it may be best to contact the manufacturer, send them a pic of the broken paddle, and ask for a replacement paddle, if they balk, suggest a discount on a new one. Maybe this has happened to others, maybe not.

There are things one epoxies, duct tapes, superglues, patches, etc and then there are things that are not worth risking having failure on…


sand down spacing for a Gflex coating

clean inside shafts, dowel of sanding debris

line up your blades in a jig

cool parts n Gflex

glue n insert abt 4" side

I have an AquaBound with an MC dowel. Supports one leg while I jump back into kayak

I agree with BearRiver…
Contact Werner and see what they say.

They strike me as a company that stands behind its products.

I use a Werner Cyprus and that’s what I’d do if the paddle failed.

Straight to the source
As has been said, contact Werner. Skip the step of asking about repair on a forum. You’re the first owner of the paddle? If so then I think you’ll be pleased with your Werner support experience. This, along with performance, is a reason I carry Werner.

800.275.3311 Call 'em.

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