1 st kayak/canoe Pnet archive search

For those wanting to search the Pnet archive search base for information on buying your first boat, I would suggest you type in ‘first kayak’ or ‘first canoe’ and go back one year minimum for best results.

I found that if you type in ‘searching for my first kayak’, ‘looking for my first canoe’, ‘what kind of kayak/canoe should I buy’, etc., may not get you any results. I know. I tried it. It appears you must match specific words, unlike the internet that brings you up EVERYTHING related to the word kayak.

For those who get impatient with Newbies asking the same type question on new boats, this is likely why we see these topics come up again and again in the forum. Plus everyone is not computer literate to the point of searching for info on the web.

Be patient with our new fellow paddlers and may they all learn to enjoy the sport as much as the rest of us.

I hate it when someone tells me to …
do a search, when I ask a question. I don’t care if it is P-net, RV.net or any other site.

I wouldn’t have asked the question if I wanted to do a search.

And for what it is worth, I’ll gladly answer a question if I know the answer, even if it has been asked a hundred times before.

Jack L

Don’t forget the excellent Guidelines articles here on P.net!

There’s plenty of good info there for intermediate and more advanced paddlers, but there’s also a whole section dedicated to “Getting Started Paddling: Buying a Canoe or Kayak” http://www.paddling.net/guidelines/showCategory.html?category=13

It’s nice to have another P.Netter recommend a specific model, but I think it’s even better to learn how to make some of these decisions yourself. And many of the “Getting Started” articles here can help with that.

Good luck in your search!